Why Recycled Content?
Are you ready to move the recycling and sustainability conversation into new territory? Join us.

Did you know that the plastics industry is the 3rd largest manufacturing industry in the U.S., employing over 900,000 employees and producing almost $418 billion in goods on an annual basis? Imagine if recycled plastics were a key feedstock for manufacturing, innovation and sustainability across all industry segments, not just packaging. The potential to increase the use of recycled plastics in manufacturing, engineering, and technology - throughout the supply chain - is enormous. 

Choosing to use recycled content offers a wide variety of benefits. Traditionally, quality, cost, and performance have been the key drivers behind material selection. But, what happens to that decision when other factors are thrown into the mix, like voluntary sustainability initiatives, green marketing, customer demands, and retailer initiatives?

Cost Savings
Many PCR feed streams also present cost savings over prime material. While pricing is not officially tied to that of prime, trends in price fluctuation over time suggest that PCR generally maintains a fairly standard price spread with virgin.

Market Differentiation
PCR can be a way to set your products apart from competition offering similar products. Early adopters of PCR usage in new applications get significant mileage from PCR as a market differentiator. 

New Thresholds for Market Entry
PCR has become a requirement for entry into a market for many sectors. Brand owners also face pressure from customers who require recycled content as part of their institutional purchasing plans.

Carbon Footprint Reduction
Because the extraction and initial production stages are avoided, recycled materials have reduced resource intensity. Research suggests that using recycled plastics can reduce the carbon footprint of a product from 30% to 50% (pwgo.to/1310).


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