Prem Patel

Strategy and Business Development Manager

With roles in R&D, Process Engineering, Purchasing, and Marketing Management, Prem Patel has dedicated much of his career towards the development and introduction of novel technologies including microcellular foams, flame retardant polymers, moisture-wicking carpets, and more recently, additives that enable a more sustainable plastics industry.  He has had a unique view of the needs and challenges related to the plastics industry from his experiences in the automotive, apparel, flooring, and petrochemical markets.

With a background in Chemical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University and a MBA from Duke University, Prem currently serves as the Global Market Strategy and Business Development Manager for Milliken’s Plastic Additives business where he is managing a global innovation portfolio that is focused on making plastics lighter, stronger, and more sustainable.  He is a member of the PLASTICS Recycling Committee and End of Live Vehicle Committee.  With newborn twin girls and a passion for the environment and food (attended culinary school in Chicago), he is very excited to apply his energy towards improving the use of recycled resins on a global level.