Re|focus Sustainability Innovation Awards
Celebrating innovations driving environmental advantages in product design, sustainable materials and end-of-life recovery

2020 nominations are now closed. View the submissions here and stay tuned for 2021 details! 


  • Design
  • Materials
  • End of Life 


  • Design for Recycling
  • Design for Anti-Litter
  • Innovation in Equipment Allowing for New Product Design 


  • Innovation in or Use of Bioplastics
  • Innovation in or Use of Recycled Content
  • Additives for Upcycling

End of Life

  • Innovation in Recycling
  • Innovation in Recycling or Composting Equipment

The People's Choice Award: All nominations for the Sustainability Innovation Awards qualify to be a part of the People's Choice Award contest. All proposals will be shared online and the nominee with the most votes will win a special trophy during the ceremony. 


The winners of each category awards will be determined by a panel of six judges, made up of members of PLASTICS. Each submission will be graded on the following criteria: 

  • Innovation: How novel is the idea being proposed?
  • Environmental Impact: What is the environmental benefit? If this can be quantified (CO2 savings, water reduction, energy reduction, etc.), this should be included in the submission.  
  • Market Impact: How scalable is this innovation? What is the potential market impact if it were to reach commercialization? 

The submission period for the 2020 Re|focus Sustainability & Innovation Awards is now closed. Stay tuned for 2021 details!

View 2020 Submissions

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