Co-rotating, intermeshing twin screw extruders are commonly used for compounding of fillers and additives into a plastic, as well as devolatilization of moisture and other undesirable volatiles from the process melt stream.  There is a trend to integrate compounding and devolatilization functionalities into reclaim extrusion systems.  Understanding the feedstock materials, final product property requirements, careful staging of unit operations, integration of the correct equipment and system controls must all be addressed for a successful installation.  This presentation will describe the process tasks involved in compounding reclaim materials in a one-step operation.

Breakout Session 1: Recycling Opportunities through Specifically Designed Equipment

Wednesday, June 28th - 10:30am to 12:00pm

Equipment specifically designed for utility by the recycling industry is not new. However, pushing the boundaries of integrating compounding and devolatilization functionalities into atypical reclaim extrusion systems is a new trend. Examples of atypical systems will include processing reclaim tire rubber, residual paint, and other non-standard formulations.

Further, a continuous mixer can help to reduce the cost of preprocessing and minimize pitfalls commonly found in the processing of collected feedstocks. The ability to process feedstocks with varying particle size can reduce the need for preprocess classification and increased throughput from shredding and granulating.

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