About Re|focus Sustainability & Recycling Summit
Discover the newest machinery, innovative materials and technology solutions to take your green goals from aspirational to operational.

The Re|focus Sustainability & Recycling Summit addresses the real-world challenges you face as your company pushes recycled content and sustainable manufacturing. As an active participant in the plastics industry, you know that our industry is turning a corner, moving from being one that aspires to sustainability to one that puts our commitment to recycling and reusing into action. Our industry is transforming itself and Re|focus will hone in on the fact that recycling and sustainability are more than just goals and promises. 

Re|focus will continue to challenge brand owners, processors, engineers, product developers and the entire supply chain to "refocus" on product design, technology and manufacturing with an eye toward recycled and sustainable content, designed for recycling and driving sustainability. 


2018 Event Photos

Re|focus gives me the opportunity to meet with others up and down the supply chain. I'm able to hear about best practices, and as a manufacturer of PET resin, I'm able to learn about what customers want and need. It's also a forum to provide education to CPGs about how recycling really works and what is feasible.

Monica Filyaw, Director of Quality, Safety, and Regulatory Affairs, PolyQuest